Convicted Rapist Conditionally Released, Barred from Södermalm

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The so-called "Nytorgsmannen," convicted of several rapes in Stockholm, has been conditionally released but is prohibited from entering Södermalm until March 2025 due to the high risk of committing new crimes.

Despite his conditional release, the Correctional Service has assessed the risk of him reoffending as high, particularly concerning sexual crimes against unknown women in public places.

He has been mandated to wear an electronic monitoring device and must remain indoors between 9 PM and 7 AM, in addition to participating in a follow-up program.

This decision has sparked debate about the adequacy of current legislation, with his lawyer and victims expressing concern over the potential for reoffending.

The restriction is a crime prevention measure, considering that many of his victims are associated with Södermalm..